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Concerned by the unnecessary harm on the “Four Damage Factors”, we decided to put our heads together… Seemingly inadvertently, we found that each and every one of us, are causing immense damage to ourselves, and the other damage factors, even down to the economy that we use to sustain our lives.

We found that, over any other causes of damage combined, that this is happening from the steps that we put other animals through, as a solution to our own personal problem of food, for nutrition, enjoyment and convenience.


From our findings, which came from using a combination of traditional research and innovative user centric based approaches (“Troy’s Framework” and “Design Thinking”), we decided to act, and form an education and support based initiative to tackle this problem. Welcome to Vegan Education on the Go, or VEGO for short x.

In effect we hope to assist others, to work out the most appropriate solution for their personal problem of food, whilst taking into account the knock on impact to the “Four Damage Factors”. With the belief, that if a less damaging solution is available to obtain our desired outcomes, it is inconsiderate to choose otherwise, especially when as a knock on impact, actual lives; human animals and nonhuman animals alike are dying.


As with most things in life, when we think something up, and act it out, there are usually a few hiccups along the way. As we promote thinking, acting, asking, and adapting for others to live by, and as living by example is the best motivation for all concerned, this is exactly what VEGO are doing.


Based on the needs and wants discovered from our research, in the context of who from the damage factors is negatively impacted. As a starting point we are running four programs.

As we apply our programs to help resolve the problem, whilst aiding and assisting those negatively impacted from it, we want to gain as many insights as possible, so we can think further, act on the feedback, ask to make sure we are acting as appropriately as possible, and adapt where needed for our programs to be as relevant as possible for those in need.

Our programs…


Educating peoples awareness…


Our aim is through like minded support and encouragement, to appeal to people that see themselves as socially conscious, considerate individuals, that are willing to allow themselves to take in insights and in this specific context, make small adaptions to their food choices, to save lives.

Through varying formats and locations, in our digital and real world, we highlight the negative knock on impacts to the four damage factors, from the global mainstream solution to our personal problem – food – for nutrition, enjoyment and convenience.


Educating peoples awareness

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Aiding other animals at risk…


Other animals (nonhuman) both living their domestic and or industrial based lives, receive little to no acknowledgment of rights, for their basic quality of life. Due to this, when another animal is in need of support, there is little to no services available to cater to their needs.

VEGO actively provides assistance and supports for these nonhuman animals in need. And for human animals such as yourself, to enable you to know how to look after their immediate needs, bringing a feeling of empowerment to you, whilst allowing VEGO to focus on areas that you are not in a position to directly assist in.


Aiding other animals at risk

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Assisting poor families in need…


Families near and far are struggling to provide food for their daily meals. Not knowing how to feed yourself and your loved ones, on constrained budgets leads to everything else falling apart. Little to no nutritional dense fuel, leads to our bodies running inefficiently.

Each of our daily tasks pulls energy from our bodies. Receiving aid through physical goods and or education, leads to knowing how to make the best of what we have to sustain our family’s immediate needs, whilst allowing our children to develop this knowledge for future families to come.


Assisting poor families in need

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Helping you, help your way…

We can not be all things to all people. We all have varying comfort zones, and even though we may realise, what we really need to do, we may not be psychologically prepared for it.

VEGO helps you to acknowledge and accept, how you feel you can support what matters to you, based on where you are right now. From developing your perspective to feel content with yourself, to forming a venture to create a solution for a problem you care enough about. VEGO is here to help you do what’s right for you.


Helping you to help your way

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and for your support; these lives…

...would like to thank you

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