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As soon as I realised I didn’t have to harm others to live, I stopped harming others. Vegan living… “cutting four carrots with one knife”.

You can be apart of the movement that will help paint your picture. Perceptions are everything, influence thought here in others, and more considerate actions will follow.

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Your story may allow another to realise, how they could be more of an active influence for others themselves.

Check out the stories below, to see how other vegans thought about and acted on what matters to them, what they asked to learn what they needed. and how they adapted to better their approach..

And if you’ve already been active in some way, do contribute your story and help inspire others by just tapping here,

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– 1 person saves x…


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Your story could be lived through a personal or business context. Doing something you love, where the impact can be channeled to support veganism in someway. 

Little or huge, help influence others by doing what you do …and by letting us know why you felt the want or need to become more active. 

If you’d like some guidance, check out how we are actively helping with this here, and get in touch.

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